Brett Littlefair Stubby Cooler (“koozie” or “can cooler”)

$7.99 USD

Made from high quality 5mm neoprene for maximum insulating properties.  Navy blue with white print on both sides, and featuring Brett’s guitar “Pearl”.



This won’t be sitting in your drawer a year from now.  You’ll still be using it, because you’ll know how cold it keeps your favorite bevvy.  These aren’t the cheap foam-sided coolers that are so popular these days.  These are 5mm thick neoprene (what they use in diving suits), with a stitched vertical seam and both ends overlock-stitched – so it’s not only the best-insulating cooler, it’s the longest-lasting one.

These will fit just about any can or bottle.  I’ve tried a lot, and everything that you’d expect to fit, does fit.  They’re designed for standard 330 – 350 ml cans or bottles.

Why “stubby cooler”?  That’s the term in Australia mate.  Elsewhere I’ve only ever heard it referred to as a koozie (which is actually a brand name) or a can cooler.

And sorry, as much as we’d love to send one to ya, the beverage is not included.

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Navy Blue