Brett Littlefair Guitar Stickers

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Hi-quality vinyl stickers, each measuring approx 5″ long x 1.5″ wide.  These are water-resistant, UV-resistant, fade-resistant… you name it, they resist it.

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Brett Littlefair Guitar Stickers – your choice of Brett’s cigar box guitars on a high-quality vinyl sticker, approx 5″ x 1.5″.  Or just get all 5, and we’ll even throw in a little bonus.  These aren’t just for kids, kids – I have mine on my laptop case, my BT speaker, and my kick drum… they’re awesome!

From left to right in the same order he acquired them, they are:

  • Zac (Anzac biscuit tin, very popular biscuit in Australia)
  • Warwick (named after famous Aussie Rules footballer Warwick Capper, it’s a Chrysler hub cap guitar)
  • Shelby (Shell oil can guitar, used in Brett’s popular “Where’ve You Been” video)
  • Pearl (Mississippi license plate, from the birthplace of the blues that Brett plays and loves)
  • The Deuce (not technically a cigar box guitar, but small and has only 2 strings… it’s all Brett needs)

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Zac (red, biscuit tin), Warwick (blue, hubcap), Shelby (gold, oil can), Pearl (green, Mississippi license plate), The Deuce (brown, 2-string mini-guitar), ALL (send all 5, and don't forget my bonus!)